Monday, November 26, 2012

Yam Bean- Chinese Cooking Class

Yam Bean

It is nearly summer in Australia. There are many kinds of 'unusual' tropical vegetables are around the corner at the fruits and vegetables shops. Last week when I was shopping at the shop. I was very happy to find yam bean in the market because it normally hard to find and even if I found it, it costs more expensive then meat during other seasons.

A couple of shoppers were looking at me while I was choosing this strange vegetable. They asked me about the yam bean and how to use it. I explained to them and quickly give them few easy tips to eat and cook. They really bought few of them and had a try. I hope they will like it.

What is yam bean? It calls bangkuang (Malay names), is a root vegetable, where also known as jicama. It is crunchy and white inside and beige skin that can easily to peel off. It is so good to eat raw with spicy dip like 'rojak' sauce (Malaysian shrimp paste mixed), or cooked until soft for making 'popiah' either Chinese popiah or Vietnamese version of 'Bo Bia' or Chinese buns; or just for simple stir fry with dried prawns and garlic. The taste of yam bean after cooked has its nature sweet and nice to eat.